Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Rawinski

When  we are leaving for a bird watching field trip Diane will always  ask, “Did we get the Rawinski?” Yes!  we did. It’s in the birding bag with our binoculars, our food and our field guides.  The “Rawinski”  is  Birding Hotspots of South-central  Colorado  by John J. Rawinski.  It is a sturdy book made to take  into the field.  It has understandable maps  and directions and detailed bird lists.  The book also features great  photographs by Rawinski and beautiful  artwork  by Kelly Ortiz.

I had been trying to collect San Luis Valley birdwatching information but after several  hours on the internet  l did not  have anything in a usable form.  When Diane brought home the “Rawinski”  from the Narrow Gauge Newstand we said, “This is just the information we need in an easy-to-use format—a book.”   Diane and I have set a  goal of seeing as many birds as we can in the San Luis Valley this year. This is our SLV Birdwatching Odyssey.   Birding Hotspots of South-central Colorado  will be a great  help in our adventure.  And in a time of electronic bits and bytes and e-readers,  Diane and I are still a print-oriented people.
You can get your “Rawinski” locally at the  Narrow Gauge Newstand, 602 Main Street,  Alamosa, and support your local independent bookstore.

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