Sunday, January 15, 2012

Field Notes 1/14/20012

The  Monte Vista  Bird Watching Loop—Monte Vista NWR, Monte Vista Cemetery, Home Lake and Rio Grande SWA. On County Road 8 heading west we saw a bald eagle and a red-tailed hawk.  At the refuge a bald eagle was perched in the line of trees south of the headquarters.  The auto route yielded a surprise - a herd of about 50 elk.  At the cemetery we saw our friends the magpies and a northern flicker.  At Home Lake a solitary great blue heron stood on the ice and a song sparrow flew across  the ditch.

Down the road at the state wildlife area and along the river we recorded a belted kingfisher, a red-breasted nuthatch, more magpies, a female downy woodpecker. A hawk soared to the north. Once again we caught a glimpse of an owl as it dived behind  the tree line - not enough to get an ID.  Diane saw a furry lump up in a tree—a porcupine.

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