Monday, June 18, 2012

Field Notes 6.17.12

The day broke clear and sunny over the San Luis Valley and I slept in because it was Father’s Day. We got rolling about 10 a.m. and headed up to Big Meadow Reservoir west of South Fork for a fin and feather day-- fishing and birdwatching.  And as usual on these combined field trips the birds are always better than the fish.  Before I got the first hook out we saw a bald eagle soaring over the water.  I believe that this eagle’s summer haunts are usually farther north.

The fishing was slow and after a few bites with no hook ups we packed up and headed out on a birdwatching hike around the lake.  This hike is just good birdwatching-- we saw 12 different species.
We saw:
Bald eagle
Common ravens
American robins
Pine siskins
Hermit thrush
American three-toed woodpecker
Spotted sandpiper
Canada geese
Stellar’s Jay
Also saw something olive/yellow and warbler sized
Heard several birds that we just could not see to identify  

It was a lovely day but I wish I would have caught some fish.  I think the fish gods knew that I already have fish in the freezer.  I was very successful on my last foray to the lake.  Diane was not with me then.   I find it interesting-- I catch fish when Diane is not with me and I do not catch fish when she is there.  I think she sends secret psychic messages warning them that the best fisherman is on the lake.

Also, during the hike we heard a deep rumbling sound coming from up the mountain side. Diane wondered if it was bear with cubs.  On the return drive a yellow-bellied marmot ran across the road and we enjoyed beautiful clusters of our state flower, the blue columbine.

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