Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fields Notes 5.19.12

After a day of working around the house we decided to get in some late afternoon road birding with our destination being the South River Road CR 10 out of Alamosa. Several flooded farm fields were filled with Wilson’s phalaropes, American avocets, white-faced ibises and a lone snowy egret. Overhead a Swainson’s hawk landed in a tree and a red-tailed hawk soared on the thermals.

At CR CC we turned back north and saw a western kingbird and several white-throated swifts.
We stopped at the Alamosa Cemetery to look for warblers among the mature deciduous and evergreen trees. We were pleased to see a yellow warbler flitting from tree to tree. I also thought I saw a yellow-rumpled warbler. A mountain chickadee, robins, magpies, Eurasian collared doves and two hawks rounded out our cemetery tour.

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