Sunday, February 19, 2012

Field Notes 2.11.12

Heading down South River Road out of Alamosa we glimpsed several Canada geese.  Farther on several ravens mobbed a golden eagle.  On the west side of the road a tree held two bald eagles, perched side by side.  Turning onto the county line road (CR CC – RD 15S), two red-winged blackbirds flew in front of the car and landed in a bush, joining several other red-wings. This was our first red-wing sighting this year.  Continuing the theme of twin raptors, we spied two rough-legged hawks sitting next to each other on a power pole. Next we saw a juvenile bald eagle along S CR 6 E – S 100 RD – its dirty white head feathers indicated it was probably in its fourth year.

At Monte Vista NWR we observed a herd of about 30 pronghorns. We took a nice walk along one of the refuge roads but avian activity was nil. Back in the car we stopped for a while to admire a prairie falcon perched atop a tree.

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